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Our vision is to transform healthcare in Eastern Kentucky by offering innovative, high-quality healthcare close to home. We strive to improve the essence of life of the families in the communities we serve through education, outreach, and personalized service.


B + H Apothecary is a family owned and operated Pharmacy in Booneville, Kentucky. We will be focusing not only on providing medication but education to those in our town and surrounding area. We specialize in the prevention and management of Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, and COPD. B+H Apothecary is currently and will continue to offer free monthly educational classes in the common illnesses that plague Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is to better the health and the quality of life of those in our community by partnering with local establishments in order to promote education, awareness, and outreach to our friends and neighbors. We will be using local media, social networking sites and state of the art equipment to allow us to be in tune with the ever changing needs of our customers.


We’re in the business of caring for people. Our customers are why we do what we do. If you’re a new member of B+H Apothecary  here’s what you can expect from us:


  • We’ll work to inform you of all of your options so that you can make the choice that’s best for you.

  • Our interaction with you will be FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, and dedicated to satisfying your healthcare needs.

  • We make GOOD on our promises – we follow through to make sure that we’ve done everything you expected of us.


  • We are LOCALLY owned and operated

  • We provide FREE educational health classes.

  • We have a web-based refill RX program

  • APP for smart phone users.

  • We specialize in pet medication.

  • We offer a variety of immunizations.




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